20kg Force Diagram

AS 1892.1:2018 Higher Stability: What does this mean to you?

Under the new standard you now have a choice in relation to choosing which ladders best suit the task at hand.

If you choose a ladder that is marked as 'AS 1892.1:2018 HIGHER STABILITY' it will be tested in conjunction with the standard to provide a ladder with — you guessed it — Higher Stability.

Basically it refers to the amount of sideways force required to tip a ladder or platform. With a Higher Stability product your safety level has just increased exponentially.


MODEL Platform Height icon Open Height icon Closed Height icon Weight icon Load Rating icon  
FPW-AT 0.9 0.86m 1.82m 2.01m 21.1kg 150kg
FPW-AT 1.2 1.15m 2.11m 2.30m 22.7kg 150kg
FPW-AT 1.4 1.44m 2.39m 2.59m 24.3kg 150kg
FPW-AT 1.7 1.72m 2.68m 2.88m 26.0kg 150kg
FPW-AT 2.0 2.01m 2.97m 3.16m 29.7kg 150kg
  • Platform Height icon Platform Height
  • Open Height icon Open Height
  • Closed Height icon Closed Height
  • Weight icon Weight
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